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Need help troubleshooting my bike ('06 GSXR 600). :(

Looking for some help as im out of ideas.

06 GSXR 600
I was planning to ride Thanksgiving morning so I set the battery tender on her the night before.
Started up and rode with NO issues to the gas station (about 10 miles). I fill up the gas tank.
After the fillup I turn the key and everything is dead. No gauge cluster, no fuel pump, nothing.
Push out of the way and start troubleshooting:

Occasionally gauges would light up, then everything died when I hit the starter.

Occasionally when the gauge cluster does NOT light up I turn the key off and the speedo needle would shoot up then down.

Occasionally the gauge cluster would light up, then flicker, then I would hear fuel pump prime. Hit starter and it all dies.

I put some jumper cables on her and she starts up. Runs for about 5 minutes then died.

All the under seat fuses are good.

Trailered her home thinking the battery took a crap on me.

Installed a brand new battery and I have all the same symptoms. Although now I have noticed that with no cluster etc the headlight does come on (may have been happening at gas station but couldnt tell).

Any ideas?
And yes, I missed Thanksgiving this year... lol

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