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Any help?

Hey I have an 08 R1 and I can't figure out why 1st gear is so weak. I've had 600s I could power wheelie. There is no power in 1st gear to get it up. I can bring it up clutching but it still struggles. Even when I take off if I had to explain it I would say it feels like I'm taking off in 2nd gear. Until I get to about 3 or 4 grand. It has a power commander and shift light is set to go at 7 grand. I made app with dyne guy and he said that's typical for a track bike for launch. Is it possible for the commander is set to keep wheel down and that's why it's so weak. I checked sprockets and they are factory. I can bring my buddies 01 r1 up on a power wheelie every time. Just wondering why my r1 7 yrs newer cant do what his does or what my previous 600s could. Any ideas?
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