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Originally Posted by Tony216 View Post
What about them was wrong? I tried them when I had my SV. They are really tall (which isn't a bad thing on an SV), but I had no problems with them that weren't created by me. There's a lot of fast guys out there on SV's who use the Bridgestone slicks.

I was curious what you meant. Is it the size? Because I thought that the slick fit the narrow SV rim about as well as any other race tire I've used. That's kinda one of my complaints with the SV. The rear wheel is too narrow and it's harder on tires (for me) than it should be.
Exactly what you're saying. More of a personal problem, i'm a bit chicken with the throttle mid corner and ham fisted on exit. When i went from the 003 RS which i got 6-7 TD's out of and then still sold with tons of life as a street tire, i put 3 on the slick and had shredded the rear tire to bits. Having similar problems with other tires but no where near as bad, and picking up the throttle sooner and earlier is helping. The compound was really soft on the stones too, a bit softer then i needed, which could be 100% responsible for the extra shredding.

That being said i found it way easier to get to the edge of the tire on both of the bridgestones then i do with the power ones.

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