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Originally Posted by RocketPunch View Post
2010 Street Motorcycle Tire Comparison - Motorcycle USA

They put 003RS and Q2 in same group. Q2 in Street Willow best 003RS's lap time. Power Pure is a street tire and is marketed as Q2's direct competition.

Personally, I don't see how Power Pure is at the level of GPA, because people race with GPA but never with Power Pure. Or do you mean Power One?
oh I did mean power one 2ct.
dunlop used to have a lower level gpa a few years ago. I assumed they still did.
looks like the only gpa now is full on race tire.
dunlop and pirelli have some crazy ass ways they name/ categorize their tires.

I always seen the Q2 was your average hypersport street tire that replaced the 208's.

but every dunlop tire I've ever tried I hated.

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