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I really like the style and I'm wondering if maybe there's something a little shorter with the same look and handling as the sv?
the 250 is as manageable and great as you can get. But the gs500 is sporty- and not super tall- a little shorter than the SV- and its got handlebars instead of clip on's. So it will handle a little differently but let's be honest- you won't know shit from shinola when you first start riding so you won't know that it handles differently- and more importantly- you won't care- that type of great "sporty" handling in an aggressive bike isn't what you need to be learning on- so a bike with a more upright seating will go a long way to helping you help yourself.

I hear the Kawi 650R is a manageable beginner bike- but I can't speak for it since I have never ridden one. The SV though- is not. NOT NOT a beginner bike. Its a great step up- and its a great bike to really rail on if you want an intermediate bike- or its a great "final" bike- I am nothing but pleased with mine and I won't sell it or trade for another- not saying I won't have another bike- because there are plenty I want- but I'm very satisfied with my bike-point is... its more than just a stepping stone bike.

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