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Hy everybody!

Is this topic still up?
I hope so ...

I'm riding (started in nov. 2010) a stock 2001 CBR600 F4i. It has about 38.000 km on it (that's about 23500 miles, ~1850 made by me). As far as i know, there weren't any jobs made to the clutch.

My problem is that i find it VERY HARD to play with the clutch and i'm not a slim guy (i'm ~ 6' hight and i weight ~195 pounds).
My "pow pow"s (in first gear), as you call them, are getting there (off the ground but nowhere near BP ) )...
After let's say half an hour of clutching chaseing a wheelie in second gear i barely can ghange the gears hading home.

Is there a problem with my finger, with my clutch or is there a way to make it work easyer?
My left pointer finger (wich i'm using for dumping/slipping/pumping/whatever the clutch) starts hurting like hell but the problem is that because of the finger problem i can't practice in order to start feeling the right amount of speed/clutch/throtle for the second gear clutch wheelies...

What are your advices?

Thanks in advance, i would really apreciate any kind of help!

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