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RG500 for sale

Here for your consideration is a most unusual Gamma. It may look fairly standard. Nothing special jumps out at you. But, this bike IS special, at least to those who care about the history of the developed RG500 for street use here in America. This bike is Lance Gamma #1. When I first purchased my RG back in the fall of 1986, I was sorely disappointed in its performance on many levels, notably throttle response and fuel mileage. In the spring of 87, I began development of my now famous Lance Gamma air filter kit in an attempt to correct the shortcomings of the bike as I saw them. In the process of getting things right, I mistakenly modified my carb nozzles, making them useless. It seems that Suzuki Canada did not anticipate anyone wearing out such a part in the first year of service, so replacements had to be sourced from Japan, taking some 3 months time to arrive. Meanwhile, my personal RG (not this one) was sidelined waiting for the new items to arrive. My good friend Dave had followed me over to the Dark Side and purchased his own RG (the bike you see here, more or less) just a few weeks before and graciously offered his bike up in the interest of science to allow me to continue my R & D. Soon afterward, this RG became the first one anywhere to actually run the way it was meant to, having become the first example of my filter kit in action. Later, the bike was fitted with the very first set of Tommy Crawford Torque Pipes (the first of 5 versions to come over the next dozen years or so). The following year, Dave decided that his family responsibilities required him to close the book on street motorcycles, having chosen instead to concentrate on becoming an accomplished (rabidly so) cyclist of the pedal variety. He sold the bike to me, knowing that I would eventually find a good home for the bike. Garage space was offered up by a superb gentleman in PV Estates. He had introduced his daughters to roadracing after his own competition equestrian activities had run its course. My kinda guy! For the next 20 years, Dick lavished expert care on the Gamma until his doctor suggested hanging up his helmet due to changes brought on by the advancement of years. I bought the bike back from him while it was in the midst of an extensive restoration and have now completed the process (along with some performance enhancements). My challenge now is to find as good a home for this fine machine as it has grown accustomed to over the last 25 years, no easy task. At least I have a clean California title for the bike to assure its easy road use anywhere in the USA. Specific upgrades from stock include a fresh performance tuned motor with porting, higher compression, bored carbs, my latest TriPod filter kit and the aforementioned TC pipes making for one sweet running motorcycle. (After building over 100 RGs I must say Im getting rather good at it!) Chassis enhancements include the obvious and the discreet: 3 spoke Suzuki wheels allowing the use of modern radial tires Fox shock (freshly rebuilt) Lance Gamma adjustable ride height strut Race Tech Emulator equipped front forks expertly set up by Lance Gamma 290 mm rotors with Nissin calipers and braided lines New O-ring chain and sprockets, tires, brake pads, battery, etc. Lance Gamma battery box / oil tank kit Suzuki integrated front turn signals with matching factory Japan market rear signals Stock mirrors and grips, of course Factory original solo seat cowl with pad Rear saddle included but not shown Cosmetics are exemplary as can be seen in the photos and are all stock plastic with the notable exception of a premium quality Lance Gamma glass belly pan (not to be confused with that borderline Airy stuff) to avoid the pitfalls of the original 3 piece plastic one. This bike begs to be ridden. Stock plastic belly pans in good condition should never see the light of day unless first encased in a solid block of resin and mounted on a pedestal for display purposes. For further discussions on the well-documented history of this RG (as well as other Gammas in the Lance Gamma garage) please contact me at (828) 777-4076 or [email protected] For a complete photo page of this fine machine please go to the new parking lot at

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