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Originally Posted by YZF6kid View Post
thx kninja, its wintertime in PA right now so i gotta wait a few months for riding weather. i do need a bit more riding time, but im just excited to try a wheelie. my next question would be, whats better? power wheelies or clutching wheelies? a buddy of mine at work has been riding for 10 years, he doesn't stunt much, but does power wheelies. however, ive noticed he cant ride them, just pops the front tire for a bit before it sets back down. is clutching better for riding a wheelie?
Clutching is a much better way of quickly and accurately getting it up on one wheel. Clutching is also required on most bikes under 750cc, unless you're doing POW POW's which are not efficient and rather unpredictable. With a clutch up method, you can pop it directly into the angle you want to be at, instead of rising, rising, rising until you get to the point.

I was doing pow pows (what your friend is probably doing) and then learned clutch ups. Haven't done a pow-pow since.

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