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I actually replaced the seat also; got the factory gel. I can go thru 2 tanks with only a 10 minute stop to refuel and no butt issues :-). I also installed the factory bug screen. Not much of a wind shield but it does keep bugs off the instruments; It may create a slight air-foil ... but not much.

I really can appreciate the handling of this bike. Verrrry smooth on the uptake out of a turn Way better than my 2005 V-Max. I had a couple of sport bike riders that wanted to try her out (thinking of purchasing her) and I told them that I just could NOT afford the risk. Having someone who is accustomed to a decent handling bike take a beast like the V-Max into a turn and then throttle-on is just too scary. That back tire would almost always drift IF they cracked the throttle at the wrong point in the power band (V-Boost @ 4.5K thanks to a slight mod). Did it to me a couple of times before I just learned to slow down.

Some bikes are just meant for top end, some to be drag bikes and others touring/crusing bikes. And then of course there are the 1/8 mile "roudy" bikes (like the B-King)... I like to think of the B-King as part 1/8 mile and part touring. Just the right match for me. I really wanted the new V-Max BUT just too costly and too heavy. Yamaha really priced themselves out of the roudy bike class and into the elitist highly finished class. It's a sweet bike, just NOT for me.
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