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I had a V-max also , I did a bunch of mods, man I loved that bike! Handled terribly though!

I almost bought a B-King a few months back but the local dealer would not come off the price at all. I have seen some going for $8000, what a deal that would been.

Some people like em and some hate em, I want one!

Originally Posted by jwschull View Post
Had a 2005 V-Max. Put several mods (shocks, seat, steering column) to make it drivable. The bike had tons of torque, but it handled like a beast in the twisties. Bias-ply tires + long wheel base were the problems, I guess. always had to struggle thru the turns. Everyone said it was designed to be a stoplight dragster, I guess they were right.

Just traded it in for a black '08 B-King. Wow, what a difference. Thru the twisties with no problem at all. And while the torque is not a good at 1500-2000 as the V-Max, it comes on smoothly around 2500. Nice, very nice.

I'm right under 6 foot and it fits me like a glove. This bike is truly two-thumbs up.
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