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well slim this is what i have found to be true with hand guns. revolvers are a straight forward hand gun with very limited things that can go wrong with them. most are either 5 or 6 shots and work either single, double, or both action. single you have to pull the hammer back each time to make the gun funtion. double you have the same trigger pull every shot like a glock. and one that has both action is like a sig just to name one gun. i like hand guns that are semi-auto that have a mag over a revolver just for reloading perposes. if you haven't tried to reload a revolver under a time crunch then try it and you will see how hard and how long it takes to do so. with that being said they are very good guns and easy to clean, carry, and funtion with out may problems. a semi auto has more moving parts so it requires a little more cleaning and up keep. either one is a great gun if you practise with it and learn how it works and keep it clean and dry. i like 1911's and sigs, and glocks have come a long ways over the years and are very easy to clean and fire. the only draw back i have with a glock is it dosen't have a manual safty on the out side of the gun other than a8 pound trigger pull. so if you have kids you need a small safe that is easy to get the gun in and out of ,but keeps it out of the kids hands.
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