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Originally Posted by preacherman View Post
Thanks for the advice mate.
1. What model Katana do I get the wheels off

2. What mods need to happen to fit the wheels on teh RG?

3. What difference does it make to teh bike/handling?
The 3x17 Katana is a great choice for the front. It even has the cable drive for your speedo.
I went through great pains to mount a 3.5x17 Marchesini mag to replace my Katana front rim. Because of the increased width, My steering is actually heaver now. The 110x70x17 is an awesome tire choice for the lightweight RG.

Mounting the front wheel is not bad. However you will need to be creative with the brakes. The stock Katana rotors or GSXR rotors bolt up. You will need adapters for whatever calipers you choose. Keep in mind that if you put on big piston calipers you will need the matching master cylinder for good lever feel.

The rear is a bit more tricky. Again the 4" Katana rear is relatively easy. You will need a ride height adjuster to replace the rear cushion lever. to compensate for the much lower profile tires.
Modern 140 or 150mm rubber is nice. the semi narrow rear tire keeps the handling light.
A super wide rear tire will make the RG handle slower than a narrow heavier wheel

When adapting a wheel wider than a 4" , It starts getting tricky.
With early 90's wide GSXR stuff. With some work, you can more or less get the chain to line up, and the wheel close the center. However those wheels are heavy. Mount wide tires on them and the bike will have a sluggish heavy feel.
Current wheels are wide and light but the chain is spaced out really wide from the edge of the wheel. Very difficult at best to sort out the chain line, and alignment.

Widening and or enlarging the stock wheels, adds a ton of weight to the outer hoop. This adds greatly to the gyro effect that the wheels have. This is worse than the (heavy wheel wide tire) combo.

BTW With anything wider than a 150 tire you will need to create more pipe clearance.

Check out the for sale thread on this forum. There is a setup for sale that is almost plug-n-play.

Good luck
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