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Originally Posted by joegamma1 View Post
Hey Rick, I noticed you have some Nissin calipers on your bike(s), willing to share what they're off of and if you have the mounting adapters available? I've actually got a pair of 6 pots from a tl1000r that i was thinking of using.
Hey, Joe!

You are using the Katana front wheel with the Kat 290 mm rotors and early GSXR 1100 calipers (a setup I pioneered back in 1988). My brake system consists of 4 piston Nissin calipers (or Tokico 6 piston) from '90's model Suzuki's along with a lightweight adapter design that allows close in mounting of the caliper for good handling. I plug and re-tap the lower caliper lug to 8 mm (offset drilled to agree with the RG fork lug) and use an L shaped adapter with spacers and hardware for the upper lug. I first designed this mounting system on my Suzuki Cavalcade (!!!). You would need new front brake lines for the updated calipers. Your old ones won't do.

Check out the use of a CBR 20 mm axle with the stock fork.


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