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Originally Posted by MacBandit View Post
I just installed an H4 in the left side and wired both. I did this by using a 2-way relay so that when low beam is on the relay lets the power from the low beam pass through and power both H4 low beams. Then I used a wire from the high beam to switch the relay shutting off the low beam when the high beam is on. Then I jumpered from the high beam on the right to the high on the left and the opposite for the low beam. The hardest part of the whole job was cutting down the H4 bulb so that it fit the left side. I would like to get a left headlight housing from Europe so that I don't need a modified bulb. I used a pair of Silverstar Ultras. I put about 700 miles on this setup this weekend and it is brighter then hell. All in all a very easy mod that took me about hour not including clean up and not having to deal with illegal aftermarket lighting kits and blinding on coming traffic.

Cool man... I was running through my head the other day how hard this might be to do.... can't wait to see the pics and a full write up

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