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Originally Posted by mr_skot View Post

I did take some pics for those who might be curious and will get em posted, as I ran the wire along the front of the fairing from the right bulb to where the bundle comes down from the left handle. No need to remove the entire fairing, just a single piece on the left side that exposes the bundle. I know there have been photos before, but for someone who's read all the posts, I haven't seen any like the pics I took today. Might help some others wrap their heads around this MOD.

Pics would be nice....I was going to do the wire from the right light to the handle bar green/orange but I think I read this is better.
Not sure why....Im pretty f'ing confused after reading posts and watching youtube videos on this.

Is this the correct non-overloading way???
YouTube - 2005 Yamaha FZ6 Dual Headlight Mod

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