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Actually it's funny you bring this up. At VIR, there is such a sequence where it's a hard left and a quick right. Here's a pic of the track map:

Turns 4 and 5 are the ones I'm talking about that are part of the North Course. The turn in point to set up this series of corners is right at the outside corner of turn 4 where the corner just begins. Then you dip into th inside edge where the rumble strips are. The set up for turn 5 and the turn in point is actually half way between 4 and 5 but in the middle of the track. This will set you up to hit the apex of the turn 5 in the inside of the corner which then allows you to drift out to 5a for the next turn in point.

The left right motion of this series of corners is fun yet challenging as you only have about 30-40 feet after turning in from turn 4 before you have to immediately set up for turn 5. If you blow the turn in point after turn 4 (or even at turn 4), you're screwed all the way up to turn 7.

I finally figured out how to go faster through this series of turns by doing a pre-setup before the turn in point going into 5. It was tough as I'm leaned over to the left after turn 4 but have to push myself out towards the right just be I start to give a push on the right handle bar to start the turn in to turn 5.
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