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Originally Posted by Gimpdiggity View Post
For I think the first time ever on this site, I have to disagree with you Kevin. I think the DRZ-SM would make a pretty bad starter bike for anyone...mainly because the bike's power band simply inspires you to do illegal things on wheelies and riding over other people's lawns.

It's also pretty good at doing other stoppies and burnouts.

I think the 400SM is not a good bike for a person just starting MIGHT be okay for the guys riding in the dirt for years and switching over...but for a very first foray into two wheel fun, I don't think it's a great idea.
That has more to do with the maturity of the rider, more than the actual capabilities of the bike. You can wheelie and do stoppies and be a hooligan on a 125.

It's just that a 400 Dualsport/Supermotard would be much more forgiving than, let's say, a 600SS.

If you're a reckless and inmature rider, you will wreck on a 125 or a 1000...just that in the liter it would be easier.

I once read something like "There isn't a good starter bike. But there are good beginner rider actitudes". I guess this sum ups what I say. No, I'm not saying that if you consider yourself a level-headed person you should start on a 1000. I'm just saying that no matter what bike you get, you should have your head on your shoulders and be a responsible rider. Doing otherwise may result in injuries or death.

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