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I'm curious as to why you have the cons for the Ninja 250 read:
"Not recommended for lots of highway travel"

That's pretty ignorant and misinformed. I ride my 250 pretty much only on the highway, and I'm 6 feet tall and weigh in at about 235. It gets me up to about 95 MPH for a cruising speed and can go faster if I tuck. I can easily travel between 80 and 85 MPH for extended periods of time. This is after all my mods...before the mods I could easily travel between 80 and 85 MPH for extended periods of time. Oh wait, that's the same for a modded 250 or a stock one.

Throw a 15 tooth front sprocket on and those speeds are even more easily attained on the highway.

Saying the bike is not good for highway riding is horrible advice...and should be left off of an otherwise pretty good list with pretty good information.

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