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Originally Posted by TwoColorShoe View Post
Ah, good ideas from both of you!

I'll be out all day today (taking the girlfriend out for our 1yr anniversary) but Sunday I'll try to have most of those bikes put up.

What would you list as the pros and cons of the bikes you've listed?

EDIT: ooooooohhh! I like that v-strom! Almost wish I would have gotten that as my first bike instead of the sv! I never really knew much about it until looking it up on wikipedia just a second ago.
VStrom and Versys are pretty much the same bike; not as aggressive riding position or chassis geometry as a sportbike make them easier to ride and more forgiving of input errors. Wide bars for easy steering. Easier on insurance and versatile. Great for commuting. Good alternative for larger riders.

The Suzuki motard (I think Yamaha is introducing one this year, too) is a good answer to the "I've ridden a dirt bike for years so I know everything about Busas" crowd. Good crossover bikes with some cool factor and not too pricey or powerful.


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