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Ducati Monster 696/695/620

This bike is seriously cool. I mean, c'mon, it's a freakin Ducati. The Monster is being sold as Ducati's entry level motorcycle, and it's really a sweet machine. Being a Ducati, it is more expensive than the other bikes. (retail is $8,775) You can find used ones much cheaper. The older 620's were considered a bit unreliable, so consistent maintenance is a must, but if you can treat your bike with a little more love, they're awesome machines. Being a 696cc v-twin engine, it's still not too powerful for a beginner, (just as quick as an Sv650) and it produces a good amount of torque at the lower rpm's. You will have to realize that it's not going to be as cheap to maintain as a Japanese bike, and aftermarket parts aren't really that common and are more expensive, but it just looks so freakin good that it's pretty easy to convince yourself to get one, even with the steep price.

Italian (ie, looks sexy, sounds great)
Good power
No fairings
Low seat height

Italian (ie, expensive, not as reliable as other bikes)
Fastest bike on the list, so immature riders beware

- - - - -

Kawasaki Ninja 500r

The 500r is Kawasaki's version of a 500cc sport bike. It's similar to the Suzuki, so pretty much whatever you think looks better is probably your best bet if you're looking at this range of motorcycle.

cheap insurance
great gas mileage
Cheaper than the 650

dated design

- - - - -

Kawasaki Ninja 250r

This is considered the be all end all of beginner bikes. It's reliable, not over powerful, cheap even brand new ($4000), and the new model looks sexy. It is a great bike to learn on, gets great gas mileage, and costs very little to insure, yet will still go 0-60 in 5 seconds, which is faster than all but maybe 5% of the cars on the road. It's also very light. Likewise, if you ever do decide to sell it, the resale on this bike is phenomenal. You won't lose much money at all on this purchase, unlike many other bikes posted here if you were to buy them new.

Looks really good
Cheap to buy, cheap to insure
Light and nimble
Great gas mileage

Previous model looks dated

- - - - -

BMW G 650 GS

Similar to the Kawasaki Versys in its versatility, the 650 GS is BMW's beginner bike. Powered by a 650cc single, its linear power and comfortable seating position make this a great bike for a first timer.

Great for commuting/highway riding
linear power curve
Surprisingly low seat height for this kind of bike
Tons of cool extras (heated grips/ABS)
Great gas mileage


Originally Posted by jerome_oneil

We know you're a unique and special snowflake. We know you're the exception to the rule. We know you're not like all those other dumb assed n00bs that wadded themselves up. You're a mold breaker, babe! You're a natural. You were born to tear it up on a hot rod stuntin' superbike.

You're not a moron, you're just misunderstood.

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