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I bought a bking a few months back and since the weather's been better I've put about 1000 km on it. It has more than enough acceleration and power in stock form for anyone. The stock cans really do grow on you. On the 2 tone black/silver bike it's a little too much. Glad to have the all black unit. I'm crazy about it, even on longer rides. It doesn't piss off the neighbors with screeching whines from its engine at sane speeds, common on the teensy-turd 600 sport bikes driven a good deal of the time (from experience) by disrespectful little punks. You know..the screaming engine wailing past on the highway at 2am, followed not often enough by scheeching tires and a satisfying bang. Sorry for the rant. Just tired of being compared to them. Anyway, Amazing machine.
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