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Need Help Fast! Headlights not working!


I have my 2008 ZZR tore down putting on some Gregg's flushmounts. I pulled the nose off, unplugged the harness and wired up the flush mounts. I plugged the harness back in to test it before putting it back together and my headlights do not work now. I even rewired the stock blinkers to see if the Greggs were causing problems. Here is what is going on:

Third light in front works
Turn signals work front and back
Brake light works
Tail light works
It appears all the other lights are working but no headlights on low or high.

I pull the seat and the checked the fuses in the box and all are ok. I saw in the manual where the headlight also has a fuse off to the side and it is fine also.

I'm stumped at this point and don't know what else to do. The headlight bulbs look ok and the greggs running light when wired in (unhooked them in case they were a problem) do not work either. I assume they run off the headlight and the circuit is dead but I'm not sure.

I could test the connector but I don't which ones go to the light or how to test them.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on?


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