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So Cal is ok for warm beaches, but not sport touring/touring at all. Nor Cal is awesome and after two trips to Baltimore/Pennsylania last month, I have a new found respect for the east coast.
I can't compare Nor Cal to any other state, but it has to be among the worlds best...imagine a not so cold German forest. You can throw a dart on the board at a map of Nor Cal and then another, and the road in between is guaranteed to be great. South of San Jose, its best to stick to the coast. There's also the Sierra Nevadas that go down to Central Ca and borders Nevada.
Originally Posted by texBahn View Post
I think I got you guys beat...

1) The Texas Hill Country - lots of twisty back-country two-lane highway with minimal law enforcement (moreso farther west) and legal highway speeds with enough little towns in-between for coffee and gasoline.

2) West Texas - lots of twisty roads amidst incredible mountain scenery. Follow the Rio Grande on the River Road with its many sharp turns and elevation changes, explore the Davis Mountains or cruise US Highway 90 with its quaint towns and regular vistas.

3) South Texas - the rolling plains leading to the coast are lined with lightly traveled farm roads and easy-to-speed highway. Be careful, however. You may wind up at the coast wishing you had brought your swim suit.

...not only did I list three different states, they're practically different countries!

I nominate the four corners for runner-up.

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