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Originally Posted by apor
i was away all weekend, otherwise i could've told you how i did it. i got the fuel pump almost out, with that little tab getting caught on the edge of the opening. i then grabbed the tab with a pair of needlenose pliers, bent it to the side just a little bit, enough so that i could pull the pump out. it only needed a little bit of coaxing, and it went back it easily, without the needlenose pliers.
sorry you had to break it to get it out... it is a tight fit.

Thanks Apor....Yeah, I noticed when I posted thread Saturday that you were not online all weekend. I think I have got a good fix figured out. I'll post up a pic when I get it done in the next couple of days. On another note, my new tank they shipped has a dent in it and the main front upper is the wrong color. More delays.....arrrghhhhhh.
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