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Originally Posted by wavex
Why do you need to do that?

I had tried to take it out myself when I painted the tank, but it seemed impossible to me.... be careful not to break anything! there are small plastic parts that can be easily broken off...
Because I am replacing my tank. And yep, there are little pieces that will break off. Specifically the little piece of plastic ( the STOP ) that keeps your fuel level float / sender from dropping too low. If it goes past that stop the whole float assembly comes off. I could not figure out a way to get the pump out because of that one little piece hanging up on tank. Bad design...So now I have to figure out how to fix or repair. That section is a sub-assembly but I have no idea what part# it is. I am sure there was a trick to it but me and buddy could not figure one out. He is a big car guy and an engineer that works on stuff like that all the time. We tried everything we could to figure out but could not. Never quite as easy as it should be. Arrrghhhhhhh

Anyone have any suggestions? An epoxy to glue back? another fix? Part#??

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