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Originally Posted by teamspeednautik
Mandrex, you do make a good point. Well ive worked on my bmw that i had, and now have a project 86 toyota pickup to haul my bike around and just did a carb. rebuild on it. But first off, i think ill check the clearances first. And if there fine, i'll just leave it alone til the time comes. As far as maint. is concerned, ive always done it on my cars. But a bike, since im new to it, seems somewhat intimidating. But I'll slowly get into it. Thanks guys.
One thing I thought of when I read someone post "clearances will probably be within spec" is that why not make them even more within spec while you're already in there... I have no idea what's going on with the valves yet, but by the time 7000 miles comes up, I will hopefully learn and do it myself... what I'm trying to say is if you have the whole engine apart, you might as well move the valve that .03mm

ot... what kind of BMW did you have?

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