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Originally Posted by killernoodle
PC3 - you just plug it into a computers USB port and download maps off the internet. It doesnt get much easier to set up unless you download maps to it and choose them on the fly, which I think can be done with some of the PC3 add ons.

I tell you what though, if you can get em made for less than the $300 it costs to buy a PC3, I'd be interested. $300 is a TON of money for some plastic and a couple computer chips... even if the R&D is a lot.
i dont know how much its going to cost as he hasnt started researching it yet. but my bike may be the "test bike" for the system. so the FZ6 guys get first crack at it if thats the case.

as for choosing maps on the fly, im not sure how he would work that, but the bluetooth capable cars its really easy. some of the cars with that option have been tuned by the car in the lane next to them with the passenger with a laptop. so you could possibly be able to be tuned in real conditions rather than just a dyno shop. i have no idea if he will make the systems bluetooth capable, but that would be cool as hell. the systems for cars also have a datalogging capability so if that makes its way to the bikes, you can dyno it, go for a test ride out on the real roads and come back to see if it needs further tuning

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