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New option for engine management...

How interested would you guys be in a new engine management system for bikes? everybody in the world has a PC3 and my buddy makes a system called Neptune for Honda cars. i asked him about making a system for bikes and he said if there was enough interest, that he would do it.

on my honda i have an option called "2-step" where i can mash the gas under 6mph and it will hold the rpms at 3k rpms for better launch control. he said he could do it for bikes as well which would make for better launches at the track and what not.

Heres a LINK to the options available for the honda ECUs, expect to be the same options (except for the AC cutouts and what not). i dont know if he will be able to make it bluetooth capable for bikes like he has for the cars, but maybe he might be able to do it.

So post up if you would consider another reasonably priced Engine Management system for your bike...

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