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Originally Posted by jk750
Sorry to hear you're having a problem, bro! Countless people have done this mod with no issues at all. I suspect you might have clipped the wrong wire? It should be a Black wire with Brown stripe, but the most important thing is the wire connector number.

Or maybe the harness isn't tightly connected.

You did unplug the BLACK wiring harness connector, not the grey one...
Number 30 is on the bottom when connected, 5 wires over from the far right end. Double check that it says #30 on the connector. You might have been looking at it upside-down?

Is everything reconnected properly? Harness tightly connected?
There's no reason why the bike shouldn't start if everything was done the right way! The only function of the #30 wire is to signal the instrument panel of a faulty SET valve.

You might want to check with genes81 or kazlab67 and have them walk you through it. kazlab67 just did this mod with no problems. Let us know.
i got it figured out, i was looking at it upside down. so the wire i pulled was actually to the tip over sensor (obviously the bike doesn't start with it not connected). it was kind of a bitch to get it back in there and make contact with the male end of the connector. but i got it in there, the correct wire is pulled now and everything is working fine.

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