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well i did the mod today.... and now my bike doesn't start. the tach goes up to redline and back (like normal). the fuel injection sound starts up and cuts out when the needle reaches redline. then the fi light blinks. so i'm a little fucking pissed off right now. followed the directions. first i set the valve so it was open, then i disconnected the connectors to the actuator. then i took the black connector of the ecu off, took off the fifth wire from the right on the bottom (which was not black and brown btw). it didn't start. so i put it all back together the way it was and it still won't start. i don't think i fucked up any of the connectors, i inspected them and they look fine. so i guess i'm gonna have a fucking wonderful time tomorrow digging through that shit trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.

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