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The purpose of a PC is to map the FI on a bike with greater resolution than the stock controller.
Better resolution, really? I would think that with such piggybacks, as opposed to stand alone, you're limited to the dimensions of the stock maps.

I'd be interested to hear what someone who really knows a lot about the PC would say about this. I really don't think the PC is capable of redefining the addresses and dimensions of the maps, just able to edit the values within and calculate checksum. In automotive OEM fuel injection systems, it's more than difficult (and probably can't be done without manufacurer Damos (definition) files) to make the ECU access areas that it usually doesn't (and who knows if there will be room within the file to augment).

By "greater resolution" do you mean a more customized tune done cell-by-cell or are you actually referring to increasing the dimensions, and so total number of cells, in the maps?

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