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Originally Posted by Tye
swiz grp, what is a good price for an '06 750? I thought you were doing good to get the bike for the MSRP out the door?

All the dealers are anticipating that the Yamaha LE's and the Gixxer 600 and 750 are going to sell out fast this year so they are more hesitant to work out any type of good deal on them but if you walk in with a cash deposit and let them know you will not need them to help with financing they will be more likely to offer a better deal. It always helps to be friends with someone at a bike shop too, obviously. My buddy is a service manager and did some calling around (he's real big in networking in the cycle industry), he got me and a buddy of mine each an '06 Gixx750 for $8998(each obviously) out the door at a shop he doesnt even work at. Now I realize its ridiculous to expect that kind of deal but this shop we got them from is notorious for ripping people off with their "deals"; so if they are doing this deal then other more fair dealerships must also be able to offer better than MSRP. Good luck!
BTW, they are claiming that they will be in late February.
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