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Originally Posted by PVaultGuy
Mattz, I'm still learning myself, but you must be doing something wrong. I have an SV650 and I know your GSXR has more power than my bike. I accelerate to 6500 RPM, shut the thottle hard, and bring it right back on, close to wide open in one quick motion. It's like snapping the throttle open.

With the clutching thing, I'm pretty sure the idea is to get the bike up at lower RPM. To do this you get the bike up to about 4k RPM, pull clutch in, get RPM into power range (6 - 8k RPM) then drop the clutch on it while keeping the throttle on. This allows you to get the engine in its power range when dropping the clutch. Keep practicing and let me know how it goes.
Okay so on power ups you bring it into powerband then let off and hit it wide open fast? Before I was just bringin it into powerband then I'd thump on the throttle.

Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how it goes if I mess with it anymore. I had to of looked like an idiot last night going down the road with my back going VROOOM VROOOM VROOM and me trying to pull the handlebars off. ahaha
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