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Originally Posted by kyoung
And who NEEDS an automatic weapon if they just want to shoot a gun? See where this is going?
It's kind of like the assault weapons thing. If someone wants to go to the range and knock down 30 bottles with 1 pull of the trigger fine. Just don't try and tell me you have an AK-47 for hunting or personal protection. It's so you can say you have an AK-47 and can go to the range and blow the hell outta some targets.

When you say you have an AK-47 for protecting your property you sound like a crackpot. When someone sites personal protection I picture some 16 year old kid cutting through a yard sneaking home getting blown away by some nutcase in cammies. There's nothing wrong with having an AK-47 cause you like to shoot one, it's just that people seem to think they have to assign some kind of great purpose to it. And come off looking foolish.

And for the record I am not at all anti-gun. But I am a realist.
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