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Originally Posted by mercutio80
We all admit we don't NEED bikes that can go this fast.
You shut your mouth right now. Shut it and never open it again.

j/k man. Anyone else wonder if the cop might have spotted this bike zipping along and decided to pad it a little just to make things interesting? Maybe I'll start it a hair late and end it a smidge early... wow, 4.39, wait 'til the guys hear about this one. Maybe I'll even get on the news... Offhand, I'd say he's got to be within +/- .3 seconds on each end of the calculation. Even if he made that much of an error in the wrong direction TWICE on the same speed measurement, that only drops it to 180, still well over the RC51's top speed, assuming this guy happened to be going top speed when the cop tagged him.

It's just a hell of a coincidence, if it was an accident. Bike going top speed when it hits the trap, and two large measurement errors in the same direction.
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