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I think some media exposure would be beneficial if only we could get the producers to be fair. Highly unlikely.
For me, the key topic of the story should be the accuracy (or lack thereof) of police 'guesstimates' of bikers speed. If the cop in a plane could be that far off with an eyeball measurement, how many other tickets given that way were invalid? If i had gotten a ticket in MN by a plane, I'd be after the cops because this episode proves the fallability of such eyeball estimates.
That should be the focus of the biker rebuttal. Cops are taking stabs at our speed and writing tickets based on pathetic guesses. No way was an RC51 without a turbo or NOS and a regearing is gonna do 205.

So while yes, it is negative press for us because of the insane speeds on a public road (hey dude, the only reason I haven't done 180 on the road is because my bike wont do it, so no bashing from me) it gives us the chance to turn it around on them. They are painfully off in the speeds they try to pin us for (using that method, we're screwed with a laser or radar).

Here in CO Springs, the city passed noise laws. But they don't want to pay for noise meters, so it's up to a cop to guess whether you're too loud, and you to somehow prove otherwise in court. Yup, you read it right. THe cop can write a ticket if he THINKS your exhaust is too loud.
Didn't know cops ears (or eyes) were calibrated by US Weights and Measures.................
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