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Couple of questions for 205mph...

Where on 61 did this happen?

Have you had any response from, or talked to the Flood Run organizers, and do you think the air cop knew about this Run and was tarketing it?

You must have been passed by other riders after you were pulled over. Did any of them stop?

I didn't think there were enough open roads down there with adequate sight-lines to run that fast. I'd be a hypocrite to criticize, as I've opened it up occasionally myself on freeways or county roads with good visibility (there's a nice stretch on the way to TI Casino), but my recollection is that 61 is pretty twisty and full of adjoining roads and driveways. I could be wrong, though.

Regardless...bummer that you were caught. Get a good lawyer and fight it. Gauging speed from the air with a stopwatch is highly subject to error and you should be able to get the speed reduced significantly. Either way, however, you'll probably be stuck with a big fine and high insurance rates for a while and you'll have to watch your speed for a few years.

It's still a great story though...and that's worth something.
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