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Originally Posted by ReBorn
This guy is the last person anyone with half a brain would want to go on the today show representing motorcycle riders in an attempt to defend his idiotic actions.
First, I don't think he represents all motorcyclists. Second, you ever see the Today show? It's not real news, it's "news Lite" they could do a segment like this and make it really educational.

This guy's the subject of the moment and people are going to want to talk about him? He'd fit right in. He could just talk about what he was doing, how he couldn't have been going that fast and how the cop must have made a mistake. He could talk about the dyno test and all that stuff. It'd be great TV.

Then they could get an opposite view point. Find some real law abiding cyclist to point out how bad he was for going so fast, but that at the very least he had on the right equipment. They could talk about all the good riders, the AMA and the MSF. Any chance to educate the public should be used.

Besides, if what was written above is by the real guy, he doesn't come off like a total dumbass at all. He's the kind of guy I'd like to hear talk for 5 minutes in the morning. Even people who've never been near a bike are going "205? Whoa!" If I was a TV producer, I'd love to snap this guy up - it's really topical.
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