How long did it take you to feel comfortable riding other peoples bikes -
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How long did it take you to feel comfortable riding other peoples bikes

Ive been riding for about 8 months and feel I have become pretty proficient on a bike and have an above average skill set but am still extremely weary of riding others bikes. I went to kawi demo days, and while I had a good time I was always nervous about wrecking a shiny new bike. When a friend wants me to ride their bike, I'll usually decline with the exception of a few select occasions. To the more experienced riders, did you ever have reservations about riding a bros bike and did it subside when you gained more confidence/experience?
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I have as many reservations if not more than driving someone's car. I have done it out of necessity but I find it hard to relax on others bikes. In a few days I will be starting my 24th year riding (10-22).

GSX-R750- built by a man, piloted by a woman.
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I've never had a problem with it. When I started, my friends and I all had beat up scooters and garage sale bikes, and we swapped and traded and rode each other's bikes, and it just didn't matter. Later, I generally didn't let others ride my Heinkel, partly because they are rare in North America, and mostly because it is a hand-shift bike with a non-synchro gearbox at the ends of a 12-foot cable that runs from the transmission to the handlebars and back again -- it takes a fair bit of practice to shift it. By the time I started riding something that was worth anything, I had a few years experience, and felt fine with trying other stuff out. I love a good testride on something different; I've taken testrides on over 40 bikes in the last few years, just to see what they felt like, and what I might buy if something happened to my bike.


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About 3 years.
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I don't really.

I like everything on my bikes just so. So unless someone sets their levers, shifters and pegs exactly like I do I have near uncontrollable urges to bust out tools and mess with things.

I do wear a helmet, as a matter of fact, along with other protective gear. But, the fact that you “certainly hope” I wear a helmet is so condescending it makes me want to ride a tricycle completely naked doing doughnuts in your front yard screaming Beastie Boys lyrics at midnight. Trust me, you do not want that. My buttocks are extremely pale and unsightly, especially in moonlight.
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Been riding for 3 years now, never comfortable on someone else's bike. Just don't want something to happen out of my control.
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I started riding this season. Have just over 5k + miles and do feel comfortable riding my friends bikes. But of course when i do i'll be alot more cautious to make sure i minimize chances of anything happen. (lane splitting, speeding, taking corners too hard on a bike i dont know etc) ... and Remember if they allow you to test ride there bike they can also ask the same. Other than that taking another bike around the block is nothing to be that paranoid about it. IMO
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My career is to ride other peoples bikes almost daily.

Riding Instructor

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I really don't like riding other people's bikes, I do make an occasional exception if they want it checked out mechanically. I just don't like the idea of being responsible for the property of someone else. Plus, if they were to crash on my bike, I'd be pissed, and I don't want to add that burden to a friendship.

Personally, I believe you need to ask yourself a couple of questions before riding someone else's bike: 1) Can I control and ride this bike in a safe manner, 2) can I deal with the knowledge that I messed up another's bike (if a crash were to happen), and 3) can I afford to make it right for the other person?

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i think if u have to ask then its too soon.

i really dont have a problem with it. the problem more lies with people with questionable skills wanting to ride mine.
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Originally Posted by AnthonyMartello View Post
Hello Everybody,

A bike is a super efficient conversion of human energy in to forward motion. But it only works well if your muscles work well, and some time spent setting up your bike can work wonders. If you are not sure what to do phone your local CTC group who will recommend a suitable shop, or invite you along to get set up on one of their rides. If you are buying a new bike CTC has information on types of bikes. Saddle position is most important. The saddle should be horizontal, and not tipped. The old rule taught children to put both feet on the ground from the saddle, but this leaves the saddle a bit low for adults.

Best Regards,
Anthony Martello

But more seriously, I never feel completely comfortable on someone else's bike, but I love riding other bikes. You just need to be careful.

You have been riding for 8 months, that's not a lot of time, and I guess it has been on one bike only, no? Take it easy, it's normal to feel uneasy about riding other bikes right now.

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You are here
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First bike I ever rode was someone else's. No biggie, really, unless you can't go one ride without crashing.
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I only ride a few friends bikes. I normally wont ride someone's bike unless i know the person rather well.

Remember......Keep the rubber side down!!!!

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I don't know WHEN I became comfortable with it.... but I can tell you that I don't even bat an eyelash when doing it these days. I can just hop on and ride whatever.

I probably wouldn't want to take it to some really twisty roads, just in case something happened.... but if we're just riding around town I don't see anything going wrong.

But I've been on dozens and dozens of bikes over the years. I'm always the guy that gets the phone call when a friend is thinking about buying a bike and wants someone to test ride it to make sure it's in good shape.

Anyways, I DO remember being nervous when I moved to Illinois and I borrowed a friends bike while mine was down. It was an 06 GSXR600 with like 800 miles on it. Brand new at the time, obviously... maybe 2-3 months old. He borrowed a friend's busa and let me ride his bike so we could ride together.

I was nervous for the first few miles, but after that I got used to it pretty quick. I never rode it again after that, but mostly because I finished my bike the next weekend.

You'll know when it's time, though.

Moderator of Rider's Gear and Help me Fix it.

PM me if you have questions, concerns, or beer you need to give away.
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I ride friend's bikes here and there, but in truth, I really don't like it that much. I feel, like a poster above said, that my bike is set up just right for me that I always feel uncomfortable with another bike. Recently, while my bike was in the shop, I borrowed my friend's GSXR 750 for a few days including one day blasting in the twisties. That day, I also rode an MV Agusta through the twisties too. It took me some serious time to get comfortable on the 750 but later, I was wringing it out. The MV was a blast too, but those two bikes are so different... and they're both very different than my own bike. I'd say that was the first time I really rode someone else's bike like it should be ridden and it took me most of that day to get comfortable with them.

Still, while both of those bikes were so much "better" than my own, I couldn't wait to get my baby back.
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